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Quick Guide to Fujitsu Scanner Lineup

Wednesday, October 12, 2011 1:20:00 AM America/Los_Angeles

Fujitsu is the leading manufacturer of document imaging scanners.  Currently, they claim to have a 55% market share in the United States of the 20-49 pages per minute high performance scanner market.  These scanners are robust and designed for production and departmental scanning environments.  Fortunately, the Fujitsu product offerings cover the entire spectrum of scanning needs from production to compact portable models.

Here is a quick guide to Fujitsu's current product lineup of document scanners:

Production Scanners
fi-5950, fi-6800

Workgroup Scanners
ScanSnap N1800, ScanSnap fi-6010N, fi-5530C2, fi-4340C, fi-6670, fi-6670A

Desktop Scanners
fi-60F, fi-5015C, fi-6110, fi-6130, fi-6230, fi-6140, fi-6240

Personal Scanners
ScanSnap S1100, ScanSnap S1300, ScanSnap S1500, ScanSnap S1500M

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Buy Part, Fix Scanner, Trade In

Wednesday, April 13, 2011 1:30:00 AM America/Los_Angeles

Fujitsu offers cash back on your working Fujitsu scanner through their trade-in program. If your scanner doesn't work, just buy a replacement part from us and fix your scanner. Then, trade in your scanner and enjoy the quality, dependability and rich features of a new Fujitsu scanner.

It is simple to upgrade to the latest Fujitsu scanner and get cash back when you trade-in your qualifying old Fujitsu scanner. Plus, instead of your old scanner going to the landfill, your trade-in may be put to good use in a school or other institution.

Taking advantage of the Trade-In Program is easy:
1. Purchase select Fujitsu scanners that are eligible for the Trade-In Program. Between 4/1/11 - 6/30/11, the following scanners are eligible: fi-5530C2, N1800, fi-5950, fi-6010N, fi-6670 series, fi-6770 series, fi-6800.  (For the most current list of eligible scanners and program updates, click here.)
2. Complete the Trade-In Form and include a copy of your invoice showing the Fujitsu scanner purchased and, if applicable, the service purchased within the last 30 days.
3. Submit the completed form and invoice by Fax: FCPA Trade-In @ 408-746-6903 or email: Scanner TradeIn@us.fujitsu.com.
4. Within two business days, a Fujitsu representative will contact you to schedule a pickup of your old scanner within a week at the designated site.
5. After the trade-in scanner is received and verified to be in "good working condition", your cash back payment is approved, processed and mailed to you from Fujitsu Computer Products of America.  Please allow 4 weeks to receive payment.

As a green company, Fujitsu strives to minimize the environmental impact of their products.  R-Squared recognizes that protecting the environment is our corporate duty and an essential business requirement.

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We Buy Excess and Obsolete Fujitsu Document Scanner Parts

Monday, May 17, 2010 1:30:00 AM America/Los_Angeles

Liquidate your excess and obsolete Fujitsu document scanner parts and consumable items. Product must be new and sealed in factory packaging.

Please let us know what you have to offer including part numbers, quantity, age, condition (i.e. new, open box) and any other pertinent information.

Our business is to support Fujitsu products long after the manufacture discontinues part support. We allow customers the flexibility to cost effectively upgrade to new scanner technologies and services based on their own business requirements.

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MoneyBookers Payment Method Added

Thursday, May 13, 2010 2:45:00 AM America/Los_Angeles

R-Squared - a provider of new, discontinued and obsolete Fujitsu spare parts and consumables - today announces the official integration of Moneybookers’ payment services into the FPCParts.com website.

To support Fujitsu's marketing plan for document imaging scanners in Central America and South America, we have added this new payment option for all of our international customers in the Americas. 

The Moneybookers worldwide payment network is one of the world's largest, safest and most secure payment services. This payment method allows our international customers a wide range of payment and banking options, with over 80 local payment choices in more than 200 countries. This includes the increasingly popular Moneybookers eWallet solution, currently used by over ten million customers. eWallet enables any customer to make online payments conveniently and securely without revealing personal financial data, as well as to send and receive money transfers by using an email address.  More than 60,000 merchants use Moneybookers, including global partners such as eBay, Skype, and Thomas Cook.


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