Fujitsu Tape Drives

Fujitsu half-inch tape drive products are designed for enterprise-class applications.

For maximum data interchange flexability, Fujitsu tape drives support the following IBM compatible read/write formats: 9 Track, 18 Track, 36 Track, and 128 Track (formats commonly referred to as 3480, 3480E and 3590).

Although Fujitsu discontinued these tape drives in 2004, R-Squared continues to provide spare parts for these legacy enterprise-class products.

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  1. Read/Write Head, B860-1780-T041A

    Read/Write Head, B860-1780-T041A

    Regular Price: $1,225.00

    Special Price $305.00

    M244X,Read/Write Head, B860-1780-T041A Learn More
  2. Light Sensor, C50L-6030-0046

    Light Sensor, C50L-6030-0046

    Regular Price: $75.00

    Special Price $45.00

    M2463,Light Sensor, C50L-6030-0046 Learn More
  3. Filter Inlet, B90L-0450-0022A

    Filter Inlet, B90L-0450-0022A

    Regular Price: $100.00

    Special Price $35.00

    M246X,Filter,Inlet, B90L-0450-0022A Learn More
  4. Reel Motor, B030-5370-V450A

    Reel Motor, B030-5370-V450A

    Regular Price: $405.00

    Special Price $60.00

    M2463,Reel Motor, B030-5370-V450A Learn More
  5. Filter Outlet, B90L-0450-0021A

    Filter Outlet, B90L-0450-0021A

    Regular Price: $100.00

    Special Price $35.00

    M246X,Filter,Outlet, B90L-0450-0021A Learn More
  6. B03B-5400-H011A

    Auto Cartridge Loader, B03B-5400-H011A

    Regular Price: $790.00

    Special Price $420.00

    M248X,Auto Cartridge Loader, B03B-5400-H011A Learn More
  7. B03B-5400-H305A

    5 Cart Magazine, B03B-5400-H305A

    Regular Price: $65.00

    Special Price $35.00

    Out of stock

    M248X, 5 Cartridge Magazine, B03B-5400-H305A Learn More
  8. 3480Tape-10pk



    Imation - ROYAL GUARD 3480 Tape Cartridge 210MB (10 Pack) Learn More
  9. B90L-0450-0011A



    Air Filter, B90L-0450-0011A Learn More
  10. Vane Pump Assy, B86L-0900-0041A

    Vane Pump Assy, B86L-0900-0041A

    Regular Price: $375.00

    Special Price $120.00

    Vane Pump Assembly (NEW), B86L-0900-0041A Learn More
  11. Threader Assy, B030-5400-V300A

    Threader Assy, B030-5400-V300A


    M2481,Threader Assembly, B030-5400-V300A Learn More
  12. Loader Assy, B030-5530-V200A

    Loader Assy, B030-5530-V200A


    M2483 & M2485, Loader Assembly, B030-5530-V200A Learn More
  13. Threader Assy, B030-5530-V300A

    Threader Assy, B030-5530-V300A


    M2483,Threader Assy, B030-5530-V300A Learn More
  14. B14L-5105-0326A#A1

    Power Supply, B14L-5105-0326A#A1

    Regular Price: $300.00

    Special Price $220.00

    Out of stock

    Power Supply for M2483B, B14L-5105-0326A#A1 Learn More
  15. B86L-0900-0042A

    Vane Pump Assembly, B86L-0900-0042A

    Regular Price: $450.00

    Special Price $325.00

    Out of stock

    Vane Pump Assembly (NEW), B86L-0900-0042A Learn More
  16. CA01032-B001

    Cartridge Loader, CA01032-B001

    Regular Price: $3,500.00

    Special Price $200.00

    M2483,Flush-mount Auto Cartridge Loader (FACL), CA01032-B001 Learn More
  17. B03B-5530-D103A

    Operator Panel, B03B-5530-D103A

    Regular Price: $550.00

    Special Price $450.00

    B03B-5530-D103A - Front Operator Panel for M2488C Learn More

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