fi-4860C, fi-4860C2

fi-4860C, fi-4860C2

The fi-4860C2-VRS features a reliable, 500-page ADF that accommodates documents ranging from 2.9" by 2.9" up to 11" by 17" and can be configured to hold 250 pages for smaller batches. To ensure proper feeding, the ADF is also equipped with ultrasonic double feed detection ensuring reliable paper throughput. The fi-4860C2-VRS scanner also offers automatic page-size detection and document deskew, which enables you to scan mixed batches of documents. Combined with high-bandwidth SCSI-III connectivity and valuable bundled software that includes a full version of Adobe® Acrobat® Standard, ScandAll PRO batch scanning software and Kofax VRS 4.1 Professional, the fi-4860C2-VRS scanner is the ideal addition to any production scanning environment.

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    ScanAid, CG01000-498501


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