Equipped with a 600 dpi true optical resolution CCD sensor, the Fujitsu fi-5015C dual feed scanner captures the finest details of you documents in both 24 bit color and monochrome.  The fi-5015C scanner also features an operator panel allowing effortless scanning directly to print, an email attachment, FTP, Adobe PDF, network share, or to your computer.

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  1. PA03209-0550

    Pad Assy, PA03209-0550


    fi-5015C,Pad Assy, PA03209-0550 Learn More
  2. PA03209-0551

    Pick Roller, PA03209-0551


    fi-5015C,Pick Roller, PA03209-0551 Learn More
  3. PA03209-K930

    AC Adapter, PA03209-K930


    fi-5015C, AC Adapter, PA03209-K930 Learn More
  4. PA63082-1831

    AC Cord, PA63082-1831

    Regular Price: $15.00

    Special Price $11.00

    AC Cord for AC Adapter, PA63082-1831 Learn More
  5. CA99501-0012

    Cleaning Paper, CA99501-0012

    Regular Price: $16.00

    Special Price $14.00

    Cleaning Paper (10/pkg), CA99501-0012 Learn More
  6. PA03950-0352

    F1 Cleaner, PA03950-0352

    Regular Price: $18.00

    Special Price $16.00

    F1 Cleaner, PA03950-0352 (CA99501-0013) Learn More
  7. CG90000-120001

    Cleaning Cloths, CG90000-120001


    Cleaning Cloths,20/pk, CG90000-120001 Learn More
  8. CG90000-120601

    Cotton Swabs, CG90000-120601

    Regular Price: $5.20

    Special Price $1.00

    Cotton Swabs (100/pk), CG90000-120601 Learn More
  9. CG01000-373001

    Mid-Range Cleaning Kit, CG01000-373001

    Regular Price: $99.00

    Special Price $47.00

    Mid Range Cleaning Kit, CG01000-373001 Learn More
  10. CG01000-519101

    ScanAid, CG01000-519101


    ScanAid Consumable Kit for fi-5015C, CG01000-519101 Learn More

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