Fujitsu's M3099 Series have Power, Speed, Flexibility and Quality.

  • M3099EX/GX : 60ppm (Simplex, 200dpi) / 100ipm (Duplex, 200dpi) 
  • M3099EH/GH : 80ppm (Simplex, 200dpi) / 120ipm (Duplex, 200dpi)
  • Endorser Unit (Optional) : Post printing up to 20 characters
  • Red Lamp (Optional) : For red drop out scanning
  • Image processing Circuit 2 (IPC2, Optional) : Fujitsu's original board, which is highly efficient and offers 15 diverse functions.
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    1. CA01023-F242

      Pick Roller, CA01023-F242


      M3099,Pick Rollers,Gray, CA01023-F242 Learn More
    2. CA01023-Z217

      Lock Lever, CA01023-Z217


      M3099,Lock Lever, CA01023-Z217 Learn More
    3. CA02869-G320

      Roller Assy, CA02869-G320

      Regular Price: $131.00

      Special Price $31.00

      CA02869-G320 - M3099,Roller Assy (FR1-FR4 Foam Urethane) Learn More
    4. CA02950-0548

      Lamp Unit, CA02950-0548

      Regular Price: $72.00

      Special Price $35.00

      Lamp Unit for M3099, CA02950-0548 Learn More
    5. PA03950-0352

      F1 Cleaner, PA03950-0352

      Regular Price: $18.00

      Special Price $16.00

      F1 Cleaner, PA03950-0352 (CA99501-0013) Learn More
    6. PA03950-0353

      F2 Cleaner, PA03950-0353

      Regular Price: $22.00

      Special Price $12.00

      F2 Cleaner, PA03950-0353 (CA99501-0014) Learn More
    7. CA99501-0016

      Cleaning Sheets, CA99501-0016

      Regular Price: $67.00

      Special Price $60.00

      Cleaning Sheets (20/pkg), CA99501-0016 Learn More
    8. CG90000-120001

      Cleaning Cloths, CG90000-120001


      Cleaning Cloths,20/pk, CG90000-120001 Learn More
    9. CG90000-120601

      Cotton Swabs, CG90000-120601

      Regular Price: $5.20

      Special Price $1.00

      Cotton Swabs (100/pk), CG90000-120601 Learn More
    10. CG01000-372901

      Cleaning Kit, CG01000-372901

      Regular Price: $99.00

      Special Price $87.00

      Cleaning Kit, CG01000-372901 Learn More

    10 Item(s)

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