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Babysitting Your Scanner Because of Multiple Page Feeding or Misfeeds?

Are you tired of babysitting your scanner because of multiple page feeding or misfeeds? Simply replace your scanner’s Pad Assembly and Pick Roller, in addition to essential regular cleaning.

Most Fujitsu scanners pull paper through the auto document feeder using a Pad Assembly and Pick Roller set. Other Fujitsu scanners employ the use of a Brake Roller, Pick Roller and/or Separator Roller.

The Pad Assembly / Brake Roller serves as an abrasive to separate the pages in the ADF (auto document feeder). The Pick Roller in conjunction with the Pad Assembly pulls each page into the ADF by applying the proper pinch pressure to each page so that only one page is fed at a time. If the Pick Roller or the Pad Assembly is worn, the proper pinch pressure is not applied correctly to each sheet of paper thereby causing multi-feeding or misfeeds. Replacing these consumable items will solve most initial feed problems.

Keeping your scanner clean will produce clearer images and reduces paper dust. Dust is very abrasive. Over time, excessive dust will make the Pick Roller, Pad Assembly,Brake Roller, and Separator Roller appear worn and smooth to the touch which will cause the roller to skip across the page instead of properly grabbing the paper. If you fail to keep your scanner clean, excessive dust can be deposited throughout the scanner and eventually will cause the scanner to make a squeaking sound as rollers move the paper through the ADF. Keep your scanner clean by ordering a Fujitsu Cleaning Kit which will provide you with all of the essential cleaning supplies.

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