How often have you had a product that you could not find one replacement part?  And because you could not order that one part, the product did not work. So, you Google twenty companies, make phone calls, and even search eBay for the part. Finally, you find a website selling the item. You enter your address and credit card information, and hit the "buy" button. Three days later, you get an email saying that the item is no longer available and your order has been canceled. You've spent considerable time and energy trying to find the part, but still you have a scanner that is inoperable and your backlog of documents that need to be scanned is growing. You just want to scream!  Frustrated, irritated, and mad - you vow to never buy another scanner from that manufacturer.

The reality is that your scanner is old. The manufacturer discontinued parts support two years ago. But, you have your reasons for keeping the scanner in service.

Maybe your computer imaging system is scheduled to be upgraded next year and don't want to buy new peripherals until the base system is upgraded. Maybe your motives are more practical - you can think of a dozen projects that need your budget dollars.  Rather than buying a new scanner now, you would rather wait, at least, until the next budget cycle. You might also have been thinking about buying new document management software and have not finished your evaluation process. The reasons to delay a new purchase can be as unique as each customer.

The manufacturer has a different goal - sell as many new scanners to achieve their quarterly sales target.  The new model scanner is faster, has more features, and the ROI (return on investment) is phenomenal. They might even offer a financial incentive, if you trade-in your old scanner. Without question, you know that the manufacturer wants you to buy the new model.

These competing objectives of the customer and the manufacturer are not uncommon. If money were no object and systems were compatible, of course you would buy the new product. Timing really is everything.

Our business is to support Fujitsu products long after the manufacture discontinues part support. We allow customers the flexibility to cost effectively upgrade to new scanner technologies and services based on their own business requirements. We support you - the customer - with hard to find Fujitsu scanner parts and consumables.  Our goal is to retain the goodwill and quality of the Fujitsu brand name.  Search our website, if you can't find the part please call us.