Fujitsu is the leading manufacturer of document imaging scanners.  Currently, they claim to have a 55% market share in the United States of the 20-49 pages per minute high performance scanner market.  These scanners are robust and designed for production and departmental scanning environments.  Fortunately, the Fujitsu product offerings cover the entire spectrum of scanning needs from production to compact portable models.

Here is a quick guide to Fujitsu's current product lineup of document scanners:

Production Scanners
fi-5950, fi-6800

Workgroup Scanners
ScanSnap N1800, ScanSnap fi-6010N, fi-5530C2, fi-4340C, fi-6670, fi-6670A

Desktop Scanners
fi-60F, fi-5015C, fi-6110, fi-6130, fi-6230, fi-6140, fi-6240

Personal Scanners
ScanSnap S1100, ScanSnap S1300, ScanSnap S1500, ScanSnap S1500M