Fujitsu offers cash back on your working Fujitsu scanner through their trade-in program. If your scanner doesn't work, just buy a replacement part from us and fix your scanner. Then, trade in your scanner and enjoy the quality, dependability and rich features of a new Fujitsu scanner.

It is simple to upgrade to the latest Fujitsu scanner and get cash back when you trade-in your qualifying old Fujitsu scanner. Plus, instead of your old scanner going to the landfill, your trade-in may be put to good use in a school or other institution.

Taking advantage of the Trade-In Program is easy:
1. Purchase select Fujitsu scanners that are eligible for the Trade-In Program. Between 4/1/11 - 6/30/11, the following scanners are eligible: fi-5530C2, N1800, fi-5950, fi-6010N, fi-6670 series, fi-6770 series, fi-6800.  (For the most current list of eligible scanners and program updates, click here.)
2. Complete the Trade-In Form and include a copy of your invoice showing the Fujitsu scanner purchased and, if applicable, the service purchased within the last 30 days.
3. Submit the completed form and invoice by Fax: FCPA Trade-In @ 408-746-6903 or email: Scanner
4. Within two business days, a Fujitsu representative will contact you to schedule a pickup of your old scanner within a week at the designated site.
5. After the trade-in scanner is received and verified to be in "good working condition", your cash back payment is approved, processed and mailed to you from Fujitsu Computer Products of America.  Please allow 4 weeks to receive payment.

As a green company, Fujitsu strives to minimize the environmental impact of their products.  R-Squared recognizes that protecting the environment is our corporate duty and an essential business requirement.