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About Us


In 1984, R-Squared was established as a Colorado corporation.
On January 6, 1998, the company moved the corporate headquarters from Inglewood, Colorado to Hillsboro, Oregon and re-incorporated in the state of Oregon.
In January 2013, we relocated to Lake Oswego, Oregon.
In September 2021, we relocated to Thayne, Wyoming.








R-Squared Distributing Inc


R-Squared distributes spare parts and consumables for Fujitsu document imaging scanners. Spare parts of current Fujitsu products, as well as discontinued products, is our specialty. We have been a technology partner with Fujitsu Computer Products of America, since 1984.

Our experience and Fujitsu trained personnel allow us the ability to provide expertise that is equaled only by Fujitsu. We support discontinued Fujitsu scanners long after the manufacturer discontinues support to allow customers the flexibility - based on their own business requirements - to cost effectively upgrade to new Fujitsu scanner technologies. These capabilities, along with our many years of experience, allow us the ability to provide long-term support, quick turnaround, cost savings, warranty and out-of-warranty parts support to our customers.

Our major customers operate in the following industries: Entertainment, Banking, Insurance, Healthcare, Geophysical Exploration, Semiconductor, Aerospace, Government, and Education.


We believe that trust and credibility are not just desirable ideals, but are the basis of all long-term business relationships.

We are dedicated to providing quality products, services, and information to our customers, establishing and maintaining long-term vendor and customer alliances, and providing meaningful employment to our employees.

We are committed to maintaining and servicing document imaging and storage products - current and discontinued - to the highest attainable standard of quality, thereby providing our customers additional years of uninterrupted service.

Thank you for your continued business!

Rod Smith

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